Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pass It On: Disciple Others to Disciple Others

If you want to see a multiplication movement, switch from simply training disciples to training disciplemaking trainers. Don’t just train leaders, train leaders who are training leaders. Every time you train someone to do anything, include an emphasis in your training on how they can pass the training on to others.

Imagine the multiplication that would take place if everyone you trained were committed to training others to train others. This is what Paul had in mind in 2 Timothy 2:2 –
       "And the things which you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others."

Imagine if every time you taught God’s Word to others, those whom you taught were obedient to God’s Word and they also taught others what they were learning. What if the gospel message was not simply taught and learned, but actually passed on to others who passed it on to others?

This is what Jesus intended when He sent His disciples to make disciples. He expected them to train others who would become trainers. He expected them to pass it on.

Who are you training to become disciplemaking trainers?

If you are the only one in your church or small group that is training disciplemakers, you become the limiting factor in reproducing disciplemakers. You have a limited capacity. But if you train to train everyone to train disciplemaking trainers – you become a multiplication engine. There is no limit to reproduction if everyone you train becomes a trainer of trainers.

As you disciple someone, 
train them to start discipling others. 

Help them to identify everyone they know personally who doesn’t yet follow Jesus. Train them to present their testimony and the gospel. Pray with them for opportunities to present the gospel message. Train them to start doing this with every person who becomes a follower of Jesus.

Today's Missional Challenge: Train your disciples to make disciples who are trained to make disciples. TWEET THIS

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why Your Church's Strategy Must Be Disciplemaking

Christ’s strategy was disciplemaking. Therefore, the Church (those who belong to and follow Christ) must be disciplemakers.

Jesus strategy of disciplemaking involved investing in a few men, calling them to be with Him, grounding them in His truths. Why? He invested in them so that when He returned to heaven, they would continue the mission that He had begun.

The Great Commission is a clear command to

Jesus said, “Make disciples.” Train them. The main verb in the Great Commission is not “go”; it is matheteuo which means, “to make disciples.” Jesus commands us to be disciplemakers.

Disciplemaking is the God-given strategy for continuing the work of Christ! Jesus wants us to reproduce a generation like Him!

He calls us to continue the work that He began by following the same strategy, that is, pouring our lives into others who will be fully devoted to following Jesus and will pour their lives into others who will be fully devoted to following Jesus and will pour their lives into others who will be fully devoted to following Jesus and will pour their lives into others … and it just keep continuing on!

The key to missional movements is multiplication at every level. It starts with multiplying disciples and then leaders. Disciplemaking will fuel leadership multiplication. Disciplemaking fuels movements.

Your church's #1 strategy has to be making disciples who make disciples. If you aren't making more and better disciples, what are you doing? TWEET THIS

Today's Missional Challenge: Embrace Jesus' strategy of making disciples. Evaluate everything your church does by how it results in making disciples who make disciples. 

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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

More and Better Disciples

In a very simple sense - the Church brings God glory by engaging in the mission on which Jesus sent His disciples - to go and make disciples!

Go make MORE disciples.

Go make BETTER disciples. 

I think it's a both/and proposition.

When Jesus said, “Go and make disciples,” He didn’t mean to find those who are already followers and help them follow better. He sends us out to make disciples of non-disciples.  (Lesson #5) TWEET  THIS
We cannot just focus on making better disciples without making more disciples.

We cannot just focus on making more disciples without making better disciples. 

There is a problem when a church or group of disciples focuses on one without the other. 

Quantity Problem - being focussed only on making more disciples. 

Quality Problem - being focussed only on making better disciples.

I've known churches that are focused on depth. They even boast that they are focused on depth and God will take care of the breadth. However, in many of these churches that focus on depth, they are not engaged in making more disciples at all. In fact, baptisms rarely happen at all. And the reality is that most members don't have a clue how to make a disciple.

I've known churches that are focused on breadth. They are highly evangelistic and are regularly baptizing new followers of Jesus. However, in many of these churches that focus on breadth, they are not actually teaching people to obey Jesus. In fact, teaching obedience rarely happens at all. And the reality is that most members don't have a clue how to make a disciple.

Those who are following Jesus will  be about making new disciples, not just helping those who are already following Jesus to follow Him better. As they make new disciples, they will teach them to obey all that Jesus commanded - which includes making more and better disciples.

Many churches lean one direction or the other. Focused on breadth or focused on depth. What we need is both. I see quantity and quality in the Great Commission. Don't you?

Go + Make Disciples + Baptize + Teach to Obey. 

Today's Missional Challenge: Don't just focus on making better disciples or making more disciples - focus on making more and better disciples. TWEET THIS

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Disciple Assessment: Introductory Pricing - 40% Discount

Imagine people who are growing in their connection with God, listening for and responding to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. Imagine people living generously, serving others sacrificially as they make disciples of others. Imagine people engaged in authentic relationships as they are inwardly transformed… radiating the power of God to the communities around them.

Everybody wants this, but how do we get there? No one has an intentional process to move people forward in their discipleship that’s not one-size-fits-all. Until now.

The Disciple Assessment provides an intentional path toward holistic growth, but one that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each individual. The assessment provides a snapshot of where a person is at in their walk of discipleship, and provides resources which–used in the context of community–allow that person to take the next steps they need.

The Disciple Assessment helps ordinary Christians intentionally engage discipleship in a way that helps them grow and helps them understand how to pass that discipleship along to others.

The Disciple Assessment…now available at a remarkable introductory price through September 30, 2014!

Today's Missional Challenge: Discover your next steps in your discipleship journey by taking the Disciple Assessment with your small group!

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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Asking God WHO

As I woke up this morning, I had the distinct impression that God was interested in one question:


Even before I woke up I sensed this question rolling around in my mind: Who?

And the question wasn't a question that I was supposed to answer by myself. It really seemed that it was a question that I was supposed to ask God.

As I reflected on this at different points throughout my day I've gained a little more clarity.

What if at the start of each day I simply asked God WHO?

"God, who do You want me to spend time with today?"

"God, who do You want me to share my faith story with today?"

"God, who do You want me to disciple today?"

"God, who do You want me to introduce to You today?

Have you ever asked God WHO?

What would happen if we started asking God these questions - and then we actually followed through?

I bet we'd see more disciples making disciples who make disciples!

What do you think?

Today's Missional Challenge: Ask God who He wants you to disciple? Then do it!

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