New Release: The Tangible Kingdom

My friends Hugh Halter and Matt Smay have a new book entitled The Tangible Kingdom. I haven't read it yet...I'm still waiting for the free copy that Hugh promised to send me. However, I'm excited to read and to share with others ways that they can participate tangibly in the kingdom of God.

Check out this intro video here or below...
The Tangible Kingdom helps open a window into that uneasiness many feel when what we've read in scripture verses does not line up with our experiences with religion or church. Jesus' news about his kingdom was a wild, life-reorienting message. It changed people, cities, and the social fabric. It was nothing like the heart-shriveling religion common in our present-day church experience. Watch as a normal God-searching man finds hope, as he sees a glimpse of the kingdom in a community of friends, around a table, and everywhere he goes. Go to to order the book and find friends.

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Matt and Hugh are involved in training missional leaders to incarnationally display the gospel!Here's the focus of MISSIO...
Apprenticing a global network of missional leaders and their communities to transform the world's culture, inform the greater church, and empower a new era of spiritual leaders who are culturally savvy, deep in character, & clear in calling.
They've also started a church in Denver called Adullam - check it out here.
If you'd like to read Hugh's
If you'd like to read Matt's
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