The Real Work of the Church

“…while the church on Sunday is extremely important, what happens on Sunday is not the primary work of the church. The assembly of the church is meant to equip and encourage and enhance the real work of the church, which doesn’t take place within the four walls of a sanctuary. It takes place on the highways and byways and in all the workplaces and meeting places in the world.” - Jerry Cook, The Monday Morning Church, p 209

It is time for Christians to understand that they are each individually missionaries to their zip code. They need to grasp that “the Church is sent into the world to continue that which he came to do, in the power of the same Spirit, reconciling people to God (John 20:19-23).” (Lesslie Newbigin, The Gospel in a Pluarlist Society, p 230)

Today's Missional Challenge: Start being a missionary where you live!

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