See the Needs Around You

Every need, whether it is a physical need for food or a spiritual need for food, must be exposed and seen. That's the responsibility of every spiritual leader. Need is everywhere, yet somehow we have conditioned our eyes not to see it. We see problems. We see things to avoid. We see things that aren't right; but when we don't see them as needs, we're less likely to realize we are the ones who should do something about it.
Brandon Hatmaker, Barefoot Church, p 50
Do you see problems or do you see needs?

Matthew 9:36 says, "When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd."

Exposing Needs
     When the church gathers together is a great time to expose needs. As you teach Scripture, it exposes needs (spiritual, relational, physical). Train people to see with Jesus' eyes. Expose the need that is around you.

Experiencing Need
     It's not enough to expose needs and tell people to go serve. Our spirit may be willing but our flesh is weak. Take the initiative and invite others to join you. Consider canceling your worship gathering on a fifth Sunday to go be the church by meeting needs.

Engaging Need
     Help people engage need in a personal way on a regular basis. When you engage needs, you become good news!

Today's Missional Challenge: Open your eyes to see the needs around you - expose, experience and engage need!

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