GCPN - North America

I am privileged to facilitate the development of the Global Church Planting Network efforts in North America. If you haven't heard about the GCPN - please explore the GCPN vision and mission. If you are interested in joining the GCPN - please enter your contact information in the comments below.

We seek to partner together to catalyze 
exponential disciplemaking movements 
among all peoples of North America 
emphasizing CPM principles! 

Focus: Exponential Disciplemaking Movements 

Emphasis: CPM Principles

Goal: City and Regional Church Planting Networks across North America

Be Known for:
• Being a Lover of the Church
• Being an Advocate for Church Planting
• Introducing Expressions of CPMs to Local Churches
• Bringing Together CPM Practitioners for Shared Learning
• Resourcing, Encouraging, Training and Supporting Regional Networks for Church Planting
• Strengthening and Starting churches by Disciplemaking

• Grassroots practitioners gathering together to learn from each other
• Connecting people together who are really doing it
• Collecting “fruitful practices” and understanding of what’s working

Today's Missional Challenge: Consider joining the GCPN-North America and engage with us in catalyzing exponential disciplemaking movements among all peoples of North America. 

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