Pass It On: Disciple Others to Disciple Others

If you want to see a multiplication movement, switch from simply training disciples to training disciplemaking trainers. Don’t just train leaders, train leaders who are training leaders. Every time you train someone to do anything, include an emphasis in your training on how they can pass the training on to others.

Why Your Church’s Strategy Must Be Disciplemaking

Christ’s strategy was disciplemaking. Therefore, the Church (those who belong to and follow Christ) must be disciplemakers.

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More and Better Disciples

In a very simple sense – the Church brings God glory by engaging in the mission on which Jesus sent His disciples – to go and make disciples!

Disciple Assessment: Introductory Pricing - 40% Discount |

Disciple Assessment: Introductory Pricing – 40% Discount

Imagine people who are growing in their connection with God, listening for and responding to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. Imagine people living generously, serving others sacrificially as they make disciples of others. Imagine people engaged in authentic relationships as they are inwardly transformed radiating the power of God to the communities around them.

Asking God WHO

As I woke up this morning, I had the distinct impression that God was interested in one question:

“I Don’t Know How to Make Disciples.”

There’s something wrong in our churches today with our commitment to discipleship.

Where are the Proven Multipliers?

Where are the proven multipliers?

5 Disciple Making Principles

Best Thoughts on Disciplemaking |

Best Thoughts on Disciplemaking

Jesus started a disciplemaking movement. He made disciples who made disciples who made disciples. Will you join the movement?