Demographic Shifts

Dr. Mark DeYmaz shared the following statistics with church planting leaders last year…

The Real Work of the Church

while the church on Sunday is extremely important, what happens on Sunday is not the primary work of the church. The assembly of the church is meant to equip and encourage and enhance the real work of the church, which doesn’t take place within the four walls of a sanctuary. It takes place on the highways and byways and in all the workplaces and meeting places in the world.” – Jerry Cook,

Pray for Turkey!

Today, only a small number of Christians gather as churches in Turkey. According to Operation World, in a nation of over 75 million people, there are less than 8,000 Evangelical Christians.

The Church Tends to be Arrogant

I’ve started reading this latest book (which he gave me – thanks Jason). He’s got some strong words for churches and their attempts to serve others outside the church while wanting to be noticed for doing good.

Every Church a Missional Training Center

Instead of attracting people to church, local churches have a responsibility to equip every believer as missionaries in their neighborhoods and workplaces! The problem in many churches is that “consumer Christians” are coming on Sundays to receive the goods and services that the staff offers them.

Crossroads Bible Church: Supporting in Mission

My wife and I serve as missionaries with One Challenge (OC International) on the U.S. Ministries Team. Our focus is accelerating church planting movements here in America to reach our nation and the nations among us.

On Mission: Church Multiplication Associates

On Mission: Church Multiplication Associates |

Church Multiplication Associates (CMA) is a growing and emerging family of churches intent on being alive with Jesus, mutually encouraging and spontaneously reproductive. Here’s how they describe the resources that they provide on their website.

Church 3.0 – Audio Interview with Neil Cole.

Charlie Wear, publisher of Next-Wave, interviewed Neil Cole, author of

Why don’t we see movements in America?

At the Exponential Conference in Orlando yesterday, someone asked Pastor Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan – “Why don’t we see movements in America?”