How Far Will You Go to Break a Habit?

Today I watched this video and it totally captivated me.

First – I loved the simplicity of the solution that it presents.

Second – I am often tempted myself when faced with this problem. Yet I’m hesitant to take a step like the one offered in the video.

Which makes me think:
How far will I go to break a habit?

And what is it about this video that makes me think I’d not go this far? Watch it yourself and let me know what you think…

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider what habits in your life need to be broken. Take steps now to break them.


Dave DeVries

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Dr. Dave DeVries is a coach, trainer, author and founder of Missional Challenge. He is passionate about coaching and training church planters and missional leaders. With 30+ years of church planting and leadership development experience, Dave brings his passion and encouragement to those he trains and coaches.
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