T4T: Teaching Them To Obey Everything

I’ve been challenged as I’ve been reading the book T4T: A Discipleship ReRevolution.

Impelled by the Holy Spirit

Mark 1:12, “And immediately the Spirit impelled Him to go into the wilderness.” (NASB)

Day 2: Feed Yourself Spiritually

Welcome to Day 2 as you

What Do You Want To Do?

That’s a good coaching question!


To embody the mission and message of Jesus requires that one’s heart be submitted fully to Jesus. Those things that matter most to Jesus must matter to us. Therefore, the CROSS, COMMUNITY, and CULTURE must be valued in the heart of every believer.

Failing the Mission: Abandoning the Cross, Community or the Culture

DNA is crucial to the health and function of a body. It is also critical for the health and mission of the Body of Christ. Neil Cole warns against subtracting from the DNA.

Missional Distinctives

Christians live the mission of Jesus in the world by embodying the gospel wherever they go.

Gaining a Missional Perspective

Here is a simple explanation of the word missional—it describes being a missionary everywhere you are! It is about doing missions—aligning your life with the redemptive mission of Jesus in the world.

Nobody Drowns in My Water

“Nine Baywatch rescue boats, employed by the world’s largest and most highly trained lifeguard service, ply 72 miles of California coast out to Catalina Island, rescuing swimmers, divers, fishermen, downed pilots and foundering vessels. When needed, they search for drowning victims.”