A Mid-Century Call for the Church to Awaken Still Echoes Today

I love being part of the Missionary Church! I was initially attracted to their commitment to church planting and world missions.

Invitation: Take the Missional Challenge

Each day includes specific tasks to help you discover what missional living is all about, and action steps to start “being Jesus” to those around you!

Pastors Don’t Know HOW to Make Disciples

One of the reasons that many pastors don’t personally disciple anyone is that they don’t know HOW to make disciples. That’s what one of my friends suggested to me in a recent email.

Paul Kaak on Missional Living

Dr. Paul Kaak is an associate professor of leadership at Azusa Pacific University and someone who has taught me a lot about living out the mission of Jesus.

Cookie Jars and Church Planters

I love cookies! I love eating them. I love making them. I love the taste of them. I love how they smell when they come right out of the oven. I get excited just thinking about cookies

Never Start Anything Without a Team

A team is critical to accomplishing anything!

Church Planting: START HERE!

Church Planting: START HERE! |

George Patterson, who served as a missionary to Honduras where he pioneered principles of church planting that resulted in the spontaneous multiplication of churches, notes this:

Are you Trading Leaders for Lessons?

I started Lake Hills Church when I was 25 years old. I had just graduated from seminary – and somehow I was just naive enough to think that I could do it.

Are We Too Focused on “How We Meet”?

Last year I was challenged by the teaching of Richard Green at a conference of church leaders in Washington.

Disciplemaking Starts with Non-Disciples

Often when I ask Christians if they know anyone that needs to be discipled they think of a new Christian. Somehow in America we have adopted the idea that “discipleship” is for new believers.