Journey Guide: Engaging Culture |

Journey Guide: Engaging Culture

If you want to take significant action toward engaging culture, the Journey Guide will help you accomplish this.

20 Things Good Listeners Do

“Do people think you are a good listener?”

On Starting Church Planting Movements |

On Starting Church Planting Movements

It’s called the Great Commission and we think that if Jesus said it – that should be our goal.

Cultivating Movements |

Cultivating Movements

It’s great to be in Southern California for a new project!

Church Planting, Time Management and The Multiplication Cycle™

Many years ago I was challenged by this quote:

Bob Logan on Church Planting and Making Disciples

My mentor Bob Logan has written a fabulous series of posts on his blog – Logan Leadership – on the relationship between church planting and making disciples. I would urge you to not only read it, but to take appropriate […]

Church Planting, Disciplemaking and Post-It® Notes

Here’s a great application of this concept to use with your team as you determine how you will make disciples who make disciples.

NNCC: Planting Multi-Ethnic Churches |

Planting Churches: Calendars vs. Milestones

Church planters are too often driven by the calendar rather than milestones.

While at Work, WORK! (and other Habits) |

While at Work, WORK! (and other Habits)

Many church planters and pastors struggle with maintaining a healthy work ethic, especially when they are the only “employee” of the church and their board or supervisor provides minimal supervision.

Jesus Never Planted Churches |

Jesus Never Planted Churches

Jesus was a disciplemaker. He never planted churches. That was not His focus. That’s not why He came.