Why Does the Church Exist?

We need to measure the success of any church based on whether the church is fulfilling the purpose of it’s existence.

Changing Your Church - part 2 |

Changing Your Church – part 2

Guest Post by Dr. Dan Riemenschneider

What's Your Disciplemaking Engine? |

What’s Your Disciplemaking Engine?

My friend and colleague Dan Riemenschneider works with churches across the country to help them focus on making disciples who make disciples. His passion is strengthening local churches. Together, we’ve developed a training process that helps churches to re-engage with the mission of Jesus.

Tom DeVries: Remember Your Leaders |

Tom DeVries: Remember Your Leaders

Leaders influence followers. Great leaders also influence leaders.

Paul Kaak on Strengths-Based Teams |

Paul Kaak on Strengths-Based Teams

My best friend in high school was Paul Kaak. Today, August 10, is Paul’s birthday. (Happy Birthday Paul!)

Household of God |

Household of God

Because of the rapidly changing world in which we live, there are two questions that used to be easy to answer but are now quite difficult.

Growing as a Leader |

Growing as a Leader

Guest Post by Karl Teichert |

Spain Mission Trip: Madeline’s Perspective

This past summer, my daughter Madeline was part of a summer missions team from Crossroads Bible Church that traveled to Spain. The team partnered with CBC missionaries to facilitate a soccer camp.

Take An Inventory |

Take An Inventory

Guest post by Andy Ragone, Director of InsideOut