The Only Source in Planting Churches

Often times when I reflect on my experience starting a church at 25, I realize that I was naive. There was a lot that I didn’t understand about the church, the gospel, the Spirit, the mission of Jesus, leadership, spiritual authority, disciplemaking, preaching, worship, sin, accountability, and spiritual transformation.

How I Want to Be as I Coach

Being precedes doing.

The Little Finger

Recently I met with a church planter for lunch. He shared with me a meeting that he had been in recently with other pastors in the area.

A Boy’s Tribute To His Dad

My dad, Raymond A. DeVries, was born on May 14, 1932. He went home to heaven on October 26, 1982. He was 50 years old when he died. I was 17 – a senior in high school.

How Do Non-Christians View Your Community Service?

As believers take steps to focus on meeting needs beyond the walls of the church, it’s important to consider how those being served (as well as those who may observe your acts of service) will interpret your actions.

My Prayer for Humility

My Prayer For Humility |

I have an internal desire to be part of something BIG, something significant, something that will change the world. I want to make a difference for God and His kingdom. I want to be part of shaping and influencing – and right now, that scares me.