Is Jesus’ Mission Essential Today?

If it is essential, then you will focus your attention and activities on His mission.


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Question: What’s necessary to be effective in helping others start following Jesus?

5 Characteristics of a Man Who Does God’s Will

5 Characteristics of a Man Who Does God's Will |

Greg Gripentrog, President of OC International, recently shared about the character of OC’s found, Dick Hills (1913-2005), at our One Challenge USA team retreat. I hope Dick’s heart and passion inspires you as you align with God’s mission!

Doug DeVries: Graduating from The Juilliard School

It’s been great to be in New York City this week! One of the highlights for me was worshipping with my son at Central Presbyterian Church on Easter Sunday. The music and message were a powerful testimony to the glory of the resurrection!

Every Church a Missional Training Center

Instead of attracting people to church, local churches have a responsibility to equip every believer as missionaries in their neighborhoods and workplaces! The problem in many churches is that “consumer Christians” are coming on Sundays to receive the goods and services that the staff offers them.

45: Starting the Second Half of My Life

I turned 45 years old on Monday (March 8, 2010) and with it came the discovery that I am starting the second half of my life.

Being a Missionalist

Being A Missionalist |

It is easy to become a Missionalist. It is not easy to be one.It takes focus and resolve.

Great Gift: The Forgotten Ways – $10

I got an email this morning form the Barna Group and noticed that they were selling Alan Hirsch’s book for $10 plus s&h. This is a fantastic book on missional engagement.

What Does “Missional Living” Look Like to Me?

Recently, I volunteered to participate with others in answering this question. There’s been a lot of blogs about “being missional,” “missional living,” and “missional behaviors.” I’ve posted a lot about missional Christianity, missional transformation, missional distinctives, and missional practices.

Engaging Those in the Culture Around You

Last night at our church, Dr. Jerry Sheveland, president of the Baptist General Conference, preached a message from Acts 10 entitled “The Power to Step Into the World of Others.”