Journey Guide: Engaging Culture |

Journey Guide: Engaging Culture

If you want to take significant action toward engaging culture, the Journey Guide will help you accomplish this.

Missional Initiatives

Missional Initiatives aren’t just about meeting needs and serving others. Missional Initiatives are connected directly to the mission of Jesus. We serve and bless and meet needs as we are on mission to make disciples who make disciples.

20 Things Good Listeners Do

“Do people think you are a good listener?”

Missing Milestones |

Missing Milestones

Today as I was driving from Yakima to Bellevue my car reached a milestone. My 2000 Ford Explorer has now traveled over 200,000 miles.

Missional Challenge Quiz - Try it! |

Missional Challenge Quiz – Try it!

I put together this quiz for students at Adelphia Bible School at the end of a class I taught on the mission of the Church. If you’ve been reading our Missional Challenge blog, you will probably ace this. Give it a try!

3 Questions for Daily Reflection

How often do you reflect on your life, goals, and progress?

Towels All Over the Place |

Towels All Over the Place

Are you prone to complain or do something?

Tracking Progress of the Gospel |

Tracking Progress of the Gospel

In the Book of Acts, the apostles apparently gathered data on their work, for they were able to report on how the messianic movement was growing, both by adding and by multiplying

Do vs. Done |

Do vs. Done

This is a simple and succinct tool for telling others the message of Christ. It begins with helping someone to realize the difference between religion and Christianity.

Pray21 |


I met with my friend Brian Aaby today and he gave me a copy of Youthmark’s newest release Pray 21 by Timothy Eldred.