Measuring Impact

Measuring Impact |

How do you measure the impact of your ministry?

Missional Living: Lesson #19

Leaders must be accountable for disciplemaking. You’ve heard the adage, “Speed of the leader, speed of the team.”
Ask your spiritual leaders who they are influencing to follow Jesus. Don’t assume they are building relationships with lost people.

The Church Tends to be Arrogant

I’ve started reading this latest book (which he gave me – thanks Jason). He’s got some strong words for churches and their attempts to serve others outside the church while wanting to be noticed for doing good.

Numbers Church Planters Must Be Watching

There are many things that church planters need to pay attention to while starting a church. Often the focus is on the number of people that show up on Sunday, the number of bills in the offering plate, and the number of cars in the parking lot.

Is Your Church Pregnant or Overweight?

It was an awkward moment. As I heard the words come out of her mouth, I wanted to walk away or just crawl into a hole and hide.

Christian Consumerism… part 2

Christian Consumerism ...part 2 |

Consumerism is the attitude/belief of many Christians that the church exists to serve them.

Christian Consumerism… part 1

Consumerism is the attitude/belief of many Christians that the church exists to serve them.


Infantilism |

INFANTALISM. You may have never heard of this before but it’s a danger for many Christians – Here’s what it is


Extractionalism |

Extractionalism is moving new Christians out of relationship with non-believers in the culture in order to foster new relationships almost exclusively within the church.

Further Dangers of Attractionalism

Jesus did not seek the lost in this way; Jesus always took the initiative to cross cultural barriers in order to reach people. He entered their world. He did not require them to enter His world.