Making Cookies From Scratch

“Don’t start churches to make disciples.

Top 20 Books on Church Planting

Leaders are Readers!

Understanding Leadership

Do you have a first-gradeunderstanding of leadership?

Clarify Your Values

Clarify Your Values |

Values reflect a person’s unique beliefs, core convictions, and guiding principles. These values will guide ongoing attitudes and behaviors. Often times, values are unwritten assumptions that guide actions.

The Mission Field Called America

The Mission Field Called America |

According to Tom Clegg and Warren Bird in their new book Missing in America

Missional Transformation for Pastors

Missional Transformation is all about discovering how to “be Jesus” to everyone around you. It is a PROCESS – which includes abandoning practices which inhibit the accomplishment of the Great Commission on earth and adapting culturally relevant behaviors which will accomplish Jesus’ mission.

What is Missional Transformation?

Missional Transformation is a process of discovery that begins when believers recognize their responsibility to align themselves (passions, desires, behaviors, habits) with the missionary purpose of Jesus.

What is Missional Christianity?

Missional Christianity is consumed with following Jesus and aligning with His missionary purpose in this world.

Church is NOT a Destination!

Church is NOT a Destination |

Church is not a destination. It’s not somewhere Christians go to worship God and listen to great preaching! We often refer to our campus as our “church.” Sometimes we invite people to go to “church” with us.