Pass It On:

PASS IT ON: Disciple Others to Disciple Others

If you want to see a multiplication movement, switch from simply training disciples to training disciplemaking trainers. Don’t just train leaders, train leaders who are training leaders. Every time you train someone to do anything, include an emphasis in your training on how they can pass the training on to others.

Best Thoughts on Disciplemaking

Best Thoughts on Disciplemaking |

Jesus started a disciplemaking movement. He made disciples who made disciples who made disciples. Will you join the movement?
Over the past several years, my passion for disciplemaking and disciplemaking movements continues to grow.

4 Keys to Multiplying Everything

4 Keys to Multiplying Everything |

To cultivate a disciplemaking movement, you need to be intentional about multiplication. Think: Multiply Everything! Multiply disciples. Multiply disciplemakers. Multiply disciplemaking groups. Multiply disciplemaking initiatives.

What a Disciplemaker Needs to Do

What a Disciplemaker Needs to Do |

In the simplest sense, a disciplemaker needs to make disciples who make disciples. That’s the nature of a disciplemaker. They are intentionally making disciples. And those whom they disciple are intentionally making disciples. Disciplemakers are committed to multiplying generations of disciplemakers.

Why I Love Training!

I just finished another week of training leaders in coaching skills.

Recruiting + Training to Train Others

As I coached with a church planter today, I got excited about his progress! Over the past several months they’ve completed an Alpha course with several non-beleivers and they are preparing to launch another one next month. They’ve held several preview services and they are planning their move to weekly worship soon. They’ve had a baptism, several prayer walks in the community, and a recent prayer retreat. They’ve also established clear goals and expectations for this fall season!